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your project's performance. Easy to use.

Calculate and visualize consistent performance metrics with PCIS's powerful features. Track the evolution of your project’s performance as it progresses. Straightforward collaboration with others in your team.

Easy analysis of your project performance trends

The interactive project overview dashboard gives you all the key performance information on one page. Just click on headings and column graphs to drill into the underlying data. Allows you to truly understand the factors driving your project.

  • Financial measures and period movements

    Shows key financial parameters such as budget, cost to date, final cost and remaining contingency. Figures are given for this period, last period and period movement.

  • Performance metrics

    Earned Value metrics such as Cost Performance Indicator (CPI), Schedule Performance Indicator (SPI) are shown trended against time. Graphical dials and gauges show the progress and performance of your project.

  • Earned value histogram

    An earned value histogram shows the development of past, present and future earned value and clearly demonstrates any step changes required. Just click-thru to see the underlying data.

  • Performance by project groups

    The main financial and performance metrics are shown for the project broken into the “project groups” that make it up. Project groups are the main groupings (area, discipline etc.) defined by you.

Easy to navigate interactive dashboards

A series of interactive dashboards focus on the main project parameters: cost, time, progress quantities, earned value and contingencies. The data and charts can be filtered any way you choose. As with the overview dashboard, simply select any feature and click-thru to see the underlying data.

  • Cost performance

    Budgeted cost is phased against the baseline programme to give the planned cost per period. Actual cost to date and cost-to-complete are then tracked and compared against the planned cost

  • Earned schedule

    Earned schedule is a reliable and objective way of showing variance from the baseline programme in terms of the “volume-of-work” – rather than just critical path.

  • Quantities, production and productivity

    Filter by key quantities to track their progress against planned. This also provides a record of scope changes by comparing budgeted quantities against forecast final quantities. Production per period is clearly shown, and if resource-hours are recorded, productivity is also calculated.

Drill-down data tables. Exported reports.

If you wish to interrogate the underlying data tables that drive all of the interactive dashboards, these are shown on the project data page. The project data is also accessed via the click-thrus.

  • Project data

    Underlying project data can be explored. Show only the parameters you wish to see by using the check boxes. Drill right through the data to show the most granular information, as well as any relevant comments that can be recorded as the project progresses. At the most granular level, the history of each recorded data point can be displayed.

  • Reporting

    A series of structured reports can be exported to spreadsheets in order to aid analysis and reporting.

Secure and PCIS Code trusted cloud tool

PCIS lives in the cloud, making online collaboration with your team members quick and easy. But rest assured that it is secure and PCIS Code trusted on many large and small projects throughout Australia.

  • Secure cloud tool

    PCIS deploys state-of-the-art security measures to keep your data safe at all times.

  • PCIS Code trusted by the top tier

    PCIS is deployed on projects in Australia right now. It is PCIS Code trusted by contractors in the construction industry.

PCIS Code trusted by contractors on projects in Australia.

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