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Optimise your project with PCIS!

PCIS is a Project Controls tool that has been designed to track the performance of large projects principally using Earned Value Management. Stable and secure with substantial volumes of data, PCIS will let you focus on analysing the data rather than just “crunching” it. PCIS gives you the insights you need to optimize your project. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Combine time, cost and scope into simple, consistent performance metrics

Once your project is underway, it is critical to measure and understand its performance in order to respond to issues before they impact your project objectives. Suited for use by any parties involved in delivering projects including contractors, clients and consultants. Check out some of our popular features.

  • Earnings vs. Cost

    What value has the project earned to date vs. what is has cost

  • Actual vs. Planned Delivery

    What I have delivered vs. what I planned to deliver

  • Performance

    How are my different areas / disciplines / trades performing?

  • Past vs. Future Performance

    What is my past performance against future planned performance?

  • Stakeholder Assurance

    Have I got the information to assure my stakeholders?

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PCIS can be used as a stand alone product or as part of the PCIS suite.